Combined Experience

A well balanced business partnership combines the skills and knowledge of two or more people creating diversity and greater potential for achievement. Whether your partner's skills and experience complement or contrast with your own, a wider range of contacts, knowledge and capabilities is established within the organization. A business run by partners with multiple talents and visions significantly increases opportunities for expansion, and ultimately higher profits. Marler remarks, "The reason a good team works is because everyone brings something to the table, various pieces of knowledge being a key piece of that." Creating a partnership also enhances motivation, morale and personal responsibility, according to the How to Start a Business Guide website.



Eric Adema joined Vx Capital Partners in 2003 as a Principal and Vice President. He is responsible for originating aircraft and aviation related acquisitions.

Prior to Vx Capital, Eric was Finance Director at Ocean Power Corporation, a distributed power and water technology company. From 1999 through 2001, Eric was the CFO of ESI, a New York based technology firm. He worked in corporate finance and international banking at Citicorp from 1995 through 1999 in London, Paris and Oslo.


Jared Dowell worked in multiple capacities within the commercial and general aviation industries, from piloting to aircraft finance and trading. I have extensive knowledge of aircraft technical/performance characteristics, airline business models/economics, and financing commercial aircraft. I would like to broaden my relationships within the commercial aviation industry as well as within certain segments of the capital markets that participate in aircraft financing.

Specialties: marketing, transaction origination, financial analysis/structuring, legal/document analysis, and business writing.